Cle(a)ver Ways to Use Old Coffee Grounds

Aug 18, 2022
Cleaver St.

At Cleaver Street and Co, we’re all about sustainability and considering how we can leave our beautiful Earth as untouched as possible. So once you’ve had your coffee (buy your beans here from our online store), don’t throw those golden coffee grounds away – instead, take a look at our list of some of the best ways to use old coffee grounds and get creative.

The Cleaver Street Coffee Shop Front Garden

Give your garden a boost

This natural fertiliser releases powerful nutrients such as nitrogen, iron and magnesium perfect for giving that tired garden a new sparkle. Coffee grounds also help absorb heavy metals toxic to the soil.

Get rid of those pesky fleas from your pets

Most people don’t know this, but fleas absolutely hate coffee, meaning even the smell of the sweet beans sends unwanted visitors to your pets’ coat packing. Many flea treatments have been found to contain massive quantities of toxic and harmful chemicals, so why not go natural and save a bunch of money in the process.

Clear out those bad smells

Coffee grounds contain nitrogen which when combined with carbon helps to eliminate foul-smelling sulfur gas from the air – in other words meaning that your used grounds can become precious poperie. If you’ve got funky leftover smells in the fridge, simply place a bowl of coffee grounds, or if you want to freshen up your sock drawer, stuff the grounds into a sock, tie it up and keep that cupboard smelling fresh.

Brewing Cleaver Street Coffee Beans in West Perth

Help remove those under eye bags

It seems the caffeine in coffee works as the perfect antidote to aging on that particularly delicate skin around your eyes. The anti-inflammatory properties have been scientifically proven to take away the dark circles and visible swelling. Just another reason coffee makes you a better person!

Tenderise your steaks

Foodies may already be aware of this tricky little tip, but the enzymes and natural acids are fabulous at breaking down and tenderising dense meats, while the acid also helps to enhance the flavour of meat. Add some grounds to your next spicy rub, or marinate upto 24 hours before cooking. Thank us later.

Repair that scratched furniture

This old wives tale is simple yet effective. Firstly, mix your coffee grounds and water together to create a thick paste that you can then rub against the scratch allowing it to soak in for 5 – 10 minutes before wiping away with a rag – repeat as necessary. This can be a great help with wooden surfaces as it conceals the dark-brown colour making your furniture look like new again.

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