Strangers To Mortality: A Chat With James Giddy

Nov 16, 2022
Cleaver St.

Way back in 2020, Cleaver Street were lucky enough to hold local legend James Giddy’s Spectator solo exhibition which was a huge night showcasing some of his brilliant work. On Friday November 25th, he’ll finally be sharing some of his brand spanking new Strangers to Mortality Exhibition with the world at Art Framers in Vic Park, and so we thought we’d have a chat to him and find out a little about how he’s been and what we’ve got to look forward to.

For a full run down of the upcoming show, head to

Q: James, thanks for chatting to us! Firstly, tell us about what got you into what you do. 

A: Career-wise, it was a series of fortunate timing and events for the most part – I think my friend Ashleigh took me to my first art show back in 2013 and that blew my mind a bit, I guess it showed me the first stepping stone to being an artist, that seemed more attainable than what I had previously been exposed to. I’ve had a few key people throughout the journey though, people believing in me and giving me a leg up… I’m sure these people sometimes wouldn’t even know how valued their support was, but it was the foundation of everything! In terms of creativity, I have my mum and my gramps to thank for that!

Q: Good on you mum and gramps! And tell us, what can we expect from your upcoming show? What do we have to look forward to?

A: A series of more than 30 original paintings will be on show and for sale alongside limited edition prints, mugs and shirts… catering from renowned pastry chef, Ella Saleeba and refreshments courtesy of Gage Roads and Goldman Wines! I’ll be including a few minor installation works throughout the space as well.

Q: Sounds amazing. And how would you say this work is different to your previous stuff?

A: This show steps away from the familiar subjects of native flora and fauna, and steps into figurative and subjective paintings, looking at themes of consumerism and commercialization. I’m really proud of these works as a series and the way they convey the ideas collectively as well as individually. I really think it’s amongst my strongest work to date and I’ve enjoyed the development of the series to a great extent, the humour, colours, subjects and even the promotional side of things, creating fun short videos . This link to my website summarises the show a little more:

Q: Now this might be a difficult question as there are so many, but who would you say are some of your favourite other local artists around town?

Perth is so full of talent, I don’t even know where to start – I’m always eager to see new paintings from Blake Poole, Andie Taylor, Matt Wright, Wade Taylor, Ellen Norish, Liam Dee… probably a bunch more that I’m spacing on hah.. Shupiwe Chongwe and Emma Lindergard with their ceramics and Sam Bloor and Luke O’Donohoe are always good to measure off as well.

Q: We love all of these guys too. Plenty of great artists to look at for thoughtful Chrissy gifts – speaking of which, is there anything special on Santa’s list for you this year?

Christmas! This is the most difficult question, I haven’t even thought so far ahead. I’m a pretty simple guy, just a bit of sunshine and the company of some good people is all I could really ask for…. that, and maybe a couple of new tools for the garage…

James’ show will be held November 25th between 6 and 9pm at Vic Park Art Framers, 703 Albany Highway, East Victoria Park. To find out more info, head to his site here and get pumped to see his new incredible creativity. 

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