Hey there! Cleaver Group is gearing up for a thrilling adventure and we’re on the hunt for 50 local legends to help lay the foundations for our thriving enterprise. Are you in?

Cleaver Group is the mother company of Cleaver Street; responsible for providing the infrastructure for Cleaver Street to grow. Like a hermit crab outgrowing its shell, Cleaver Street needs a bigger home. We are booked out and have an abundance of leads, but are unable to convert all enquires to bookings due to our limitations on space. We’re in high demand – it’s a good thing.

Cleaver Group is seeking to raise $700,000 by December 2025. We offer this opportunity to become a shareholder to 50 WA locals at $14,000 a piece. Investment can be made upfront in one lump sum, or over a 2 year period at $135/week.

Prefered investors will have a trade, and/or an interest in design, architecture, arts, small business, events or fishing.

Due to the building and labor costs in the current market, we will be on the hunt for a building that works with Cleaver Street, but will postpone commencement of any lease and fit-out until prices come back to a more reasonable level. Estimated start date early to mid 2026.

Please view our pitch deck below and give either directors Cade Eglington 0414 082 957 or Jaiden Eastcott 0432 358 110 a call or drop by our studio for a chat if you would like to become a Cleaver Group shareholder and join the Cleaver Street family business. Our address is 14 Cleaver Street, West Perth.  Ciao!

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact either directors Cade or Jaiden via admin@cleaverstreet.com.au

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