How to blitz an effective client meeting at Cleaver Street Studio!

Jun 14, 2022
Cleaver St.

There’s nothing less inspiring than a day of tedious meetings and appointments in the same old blank dull office space or boardroom hire space in a dingy outdated hotel function center. Luckily, we here at Cleaver Street feel we’ve got the perfect solution to make client meetings both effective and exciting with our coworking spaces. Established in 2016, the Cleaver Street Studio is a casual drop-in coworking space and creative hub nestled in the heart of West Perth only a stone’s throw away from bustling Leederville, Northbridge and Subiaco.

A client meeting at cleaver street coworking space

Our lush, plant-filled whimsical warehouse space offers high ceilings, cosy amenities and plenty of bright natural light to keep you energised and engaged for whatever the day holds. And if you require a more private boardroom hire space, our Cleaver Street B-Side space across the road is perfect for those team meetings and catch ups, ensuring the ideal quiet space for closed door conversations.

In addition to these gorgeous aesthetics and facilities, our Cleaver Street Coffee Shop is able to provide you with meeting catering, caffeine and freshly baked treats, continental rolls or whatever fuel you need to be at your most productive saving on the time wasting of outsourcing the day’s meals or having to take time out of your busy schedule to forage for a mediocre over-priced lunch. We also have a brand spankin’ new outdoor street deck space great for  soaking up the sunshine and taking some much-needed time away from the screens.

Catered meeting package at Cleaver Street Coffee Shop

Now that all the logistics are sorted, here are some expert tips for how to run a client meeting that your staff or potential new connections won’t forget:


1. Be punctual and stick to your schedule!

It may be cliche, but time really is of the essence and wasting a potential client’s time is a fast-track way to getting a person off-side, and make sure that if you’ve set a finish time you stick to it – time is money!

2. Create an agenda!

A clear and concise plan of what the meeting will hold will ensure that you remain on task and don’t forget any of those important points you’d been practicing the night before in the shower, and will also show off your brilliant organisaitonal capabilities.

3. Create warm and comfortable conditions!

Meeting space hire at Cleaver Street

A happy environment is a happy client, simple as that. Ensure you’ve considered the needs of your team – water jugs, snacks (we suggest our freshly baked croissants or yogurt cups) and necessary documents printed and ready to go.

4. Follow up!

In freelance positions particularly, there’s no more important tool than networking so taking the time to thank your clients for their valuable time and contribution will build positive relationships that may be beneficial in the future. Cleaver Street Coffee Shop is a partner venue of Brew Network , a great networking app that uses coffees to make connections with new or existing clients. Why not download the app to send your client a coffee with a friendly follow up message thanking them for their time? Use the coupon code CLEAVER at the checkout screen to shout your first coffee completely free!

Whether you’re a freelancer, creative or small business owner, our reasonable rates are fit for any budget – if you’re interested, feel free to pop into the cafe or send through an enquiry form to our friendly team.

Looking for a meeting room to hire in Perth?

Cleaver Street has a range of unique meeting space options to cater to anything from small 6 person team meetings to larger 50 person group workshops. Communal coworking spaces are also available for individuals, and our on-site cafe can provide catered meeting options. Enquire with us now to see what we can provide for a unique and productive off-site meeting day or workshop.

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