Keep your team smiling and caffeinated with the Brew Network app!

Jun 15, 2022
Cleaver St.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Brew Network just yet, it’s a smartphone app, developed by the Cleaver Street team that allows you to send coffees, wines or beers to friends or colleagues all whilst supporting some of our brilliant local cafes and small bars. Cleaver Street Coffee Shop has been a proud participating venue along with other fabulous spots like Stomp Coffee, Little Lion Coffee and Shadow Wine Bar. Whether you’re sending a few coffees or beers on a birthday or just want to show a pal you’re thinking of them, the app allows a thoughtful touch at the click of a button.

In even better news, the clever team have also recently developed a new great feature that allows businesses to set up ‘recurring brews’ for their staff, with the option to set brew vouchers to be sent weekly, monthly or annually.

This tool can be used to offer staff a weekly coffee allowance as part of their employment perks – awesome for retaining great staff! It can also be used to send a few coffees, beers or wines to each of your staff members on their birthday or special occasions, all with a personalised message to make you the best boss in town! Staff can then claim their brew from any of the ever-growing list of venues in your area, all mapped out via the app. Cleaver Street Coffee Shop Partner with Brew Network

Set up is super simple and cost-effective, and managed directly from your device making it the ideal way to spread some cheer across your team, particularly during the depths of this frosty Winter. So whether you’re a staff of 20 or 200, get downloading the Brew Network app via your device and feel free to come down and visit the friendly Cleaver Street crew to find out more any time.

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